I never thought counting stars could be interesting. What’s so fun about stretching your eyes out going through one little dot in the dark sky at a time? I had always thought it was some cliche activity novelists threw in their stories to add in some lame romantic element. …

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That split second high of second-hand smoking

Your words struck a chord with the rocky bourbon

yet why are your eyes looking less than convinced

by the very lies you tell no one else but yourself?

Ain’t a very good liar, are you?

Are you here to kill your inhumanity, too?

Such an irony

when we destroy part of our selves

to feel like ourselves once again.

Then one day

when there’s nothing left to say

when there’s nothing left to burn

we’ll watch ourselves turn

or rather, return

to what we came from

and what we will ever be…

to nothingness

and to infinity


Between the screams of thunder,

the raindrops tell the story

of the one who left

and the one left behind.

You appeared on a night like this

elegant peace weaved on the prettiest of smiles

as I stood, frozen in the nebulous light

thanking God for such a piece…

Credit: Jolin Tan

I’m standing at the corner of my life

with my heart on the left turn and the world on the right

and it is you now that I crave

for being brave is meaningless if I don’t know what it’s for.

I see us race down the midnight summer breeze…

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When the light goes out
what do you see?
your past glories
or your reason to wake up?

When your time is up
where do your eyes go?
another blow at the mist
or your fist become holding hand?

When you’re at your last stand
what does the scent whisper?
are you…

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“Here. Pick a line,” my friend’s voice was barely audible over the spiritual music.

I looked at the two equally fat and long lines and picked one. After the deep and quick inhale, he said, “Now take the other.”

I didn’t expect that but followed him anyway.

After the second…

There was a man who wishes to vanquish the darkness in his heart. He spent his life finding the way to the battle and one day got there. Faced with the immense black space, he drew his sword and started brandishing. His sword cut through the emptiness effortlessly but left…

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The orange mid-February sunlight finds its way through the leaves and vines outside the balcony to highlight the first few lines on the small book she is reading. A slow ballad with light guitar plucking and the regular accentuated bass is playing from the stereo set nearby. …

“Just stop waiting for me,” she said, almost as if she was saying it to herself. Her plea sounded half-hearted. The words were left hanging, waiting for an insistence.

“Stop waiting for me to stop waiting for you,” he smiled back with an aura that betrayed the confusion in the…

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“You need a hand?”

The man on the ledge turned around to see where the voice came from. Zyler stood there in a black sweater that matched his hair and eye colours in a neat but not too flaunting way. His hands were in the pockets, not much for warmth…

Phuc Dao

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